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Bodil, Grünendeich, 66

I am very enthusiastic about the astrological consultation I recently had with Eylin. Many years ago I had a horoscope done twice with a lot of text, which did not result in anything, as I could experience it now with Eylin. Actually, I have not been very fond afterwards about astrology. Since I have 2 major issues pending, fortunately I did come up with the idea to give it another try with a consultation by Eylin. This has surprised me very positively! In fact, I have recognized myself in everything, understand my life path better and regarding my topics it is helpful, encouraging and uplifting for me. I have gained clarity through the counseling and also good material to reflect and meditate upon. I especially liked the way Eylin lead me through the counseling: reserved, sensitive and very clear! I was able to experience a wonderful, helpful consultation and know who I will turn to in the future. THANK YOU EYLIN !

Helena, South Tyrol, 30

Thank you again for the good astrological consultation yesterday and also for the very nice place and the fine atmosphere in which I was allowed to be with you. I am very grateful for the conversation and also for the recording which I will listen to again at the latest in Austria and let it have an effect on me.

André, Hamburg, 42

...I went into this counseling - as an agnostic - with slight reservations, but also with hope and joy.... Overall, I enjoyed it very much. I found it very pleasant and I am positively surprised beyond measure. I always thought: Oh, they work with tricks... they know what people want to hear, these are such general statements... but no, there was a lot that fit for me.

Eva, El Hierro, 48

The meaning of my horoscope was a profound discovery for me. I could see that underneath the layer I know, there is a deeper layer that of my inner self. And this one speaks of my pain, my vulnerability, and many of my unconscious actions. So it was a great gift for me to receive the interpretation of my chart in the vedic system. It was an awakening and a recognition of the power of fire that I have. I have always needed contact with the energy of fire, the energy that I have been searching for deep within myself. .... It was an information in a very important time for me to unravel everything that seems to be a difficulty at the moment....

Abhiti from Hannover, 66

I find all the touched topics also in the Placidus horoscope, and the ongoing transits form the background for the crystallization of my question, my topic, which finally became clear to me through our contemplation. It was just ONE question, and to discover the question was to discover the answer. Because it has (been) so opening for me, I would like to share it.  It is about the dealings of Saturn - Rahu in Scorpio.  Saturn witnesses, forbids or allows - "in accordance with the law" so to speak.  It is at his, ultimately my, discretion how I allow or forbid personal power.  If I forbid it, power will seek another avenue of expression, forming a constant stressor, possibly sabotage, irresponsibility, perhaps even injury and destruction.  If I allow it, the power goes together with responsibility, with self-knowledge, sovereignty and creativity. Maybe also with mistakes. ... This goes deep into my body and has already led to the fact that a very painful inflammation in the right shoulder joint, which had existed for a long time, has almost completely dissolved within hours... Will say, this has been a very effective astrological consultation. 

Joanna from Bechhofen, 35

The counseling has definitely brought me a lot. To see these influences as something external and to go more in the direction of self-forgiveness. In places where I reproach myself for not getting things right or for not having gotten things right... and to see that this is the task I came with. And not to relate that personally to me but also not to my parents or to my environment at the end of the day. I think that was one of the key points. I think you made a very good mix of input but also not too much input, - so that I now have time to process and digest and integrate. And then it makes sense for sure to look deeper into it.  

Bettina from Hamburg, 45

For me it was very exciting to illuminate situations from my past once from the astrological point of view with Eylin. So I could understand which forces and influences were at work in my life and when. Some constellations are still at work and some are simply a part of me. With this new understanding I can go through a current process of change much easier.

As soon as I know what supports or weakens me, I can get in touch with it and use it consciously. This way I can perceive much better what is holding me back and blocking me. After my first appointment with Eylin, for example, I consciously connected with Saturn and got even more clarity and was able to draw further conclusions.

Talking to Eylin is simply a beautiful experience that I can recommend to anyone who wants to deal with themselves in a serious but also humorous way. I have the feeling with Eylin that she is value-free and open and I can simply be the way I am and that can sometimes be special. In Eylin‘s presence I can be creative, develop ideas and then explore my world further. I find it very helpful that I always receive an audio file that I can listen to again at home whenever I want. Thank you very much for the great sessions.

Katharina from Bremen, 54

... I found the counseling very resourceoriented. You were able to explain certain polarizations in my inner experience in such a way that it relieved me and removed guilt from me. It did me good to hear that there are forces acting on me that probably favor this. Your choice of words and the way you look at it all, ... that really did me good.

I think I allow myself to be more what I feel inside and have been able to develop a lot of understanding for myself, in several places.

For example, on the subject of relationships. I actually know how important that is for me.... and how I suffered without a relationship. It changes something in me that you have reflected this to me again, that I now know that it is clear that I have such a longing for it and absolutely want to bring it into my life. I feel so uplifted at this point and very encouraged to implement that and to do that beyond any predetermined forms or concepts. To really find my own way with it.

What comes across between the lines, as you advise, ... there was just a light thrown on these inner jungles and all these knots in me. That has really been a refreshment.

Antje from Hamburg, 51

... I was in a phase of transformation, reorientation and realignment when I went to Eylin‘s consultation.

And the counseling gave me so much. New impulses, possibilities and perspectives that suddenly showed themselves to me, the joy of looking at the astrological aspects of my resources and possibilities, but also at my recurring challenges. I found that totally exciting, to see all this at a glance. And this accompanied by Eylin full of appreciation and completely value-free.

And I left the consultation so strengthened, self-confident and upright. And I felt so much seen as I am and felt so gifted with all the possibilities and options that were shown to me.

Dear Eylin, you have my utmost gratitude for that!“

Michael from Hamburg, 38

The knowledge of my horoscope has helped me a lot to better understand who I am and what I have to learn in my life. I have never felt so „caught“ as when I read my own horoscope for the first time. Impressive! I got deeper and clearer insights into my strengths and weaknesses, as well as what is at hand to learn. In short, my horoscope has shown me more clearly how something is ticking in me and that this is my own nature that I must not fight but may accept. In any case, all this is no longer in the unknown and this has supported and promoted the arrival of more clarity and security in pretty much all areas of life.

Especially on the relationship level with other people. Strong self-judgment like I felt in my past and childhood no longer exists. I don‘t want to say that this is due to the knowledge of the horoscope, but that it has inspired me in a certain way to look at my actions in a new way, without self-rejection and self-pity, which has made it much easier to accept my own past.

The written summary and interpretations of Eylin to my horoscope are again and again very inspiring for me. Many thanks to Eylin!

Karen from Stuttgart, 50

... At some point I read on Eylin‘s website what she offers. That appealed to me very much.... because there was a lot of competence and humanity for me. Until then I had thought astrology was hocus pocus. Through recommendations from people I thought were reasonable and who were enthusiastic about the advice, I then became very curious.

Because we live far away from each other, we connected via video chat and she explained my birth chart in one and a half hours and I can only say that was a real aha experience for me and has a huge significance in my life to this day

I interrupted her at some point and said, you just explained my life here and I understand better why all this is happening to me. So it was really very amazing and a very important realization for me.

Eylin hardly knew me before and certainly could not have known what I had experienced and what difficulties I had in my life up to that point. And with many of her explanations scales fell from my eyes again and again.

The nice thing is that now with this awareness, with this knowledge I can accept things in my life as valid. Before, I had struggled with some things and often criticized myself for it. But the message I took with me was that this is completely okay, it is allowed and it is also good. And this realization helps me in many situations in life and has also calmed my inner critic significantly. I can say, with this consultaion I have gained more self-confidence and also more serenity

Because this has helped me so much, I have given my son for his 18th birthday such a birth chart. Of course, I asked him beforehand if he was interested at all.

I think she can also respond very well to younger people. She doesn‘t overwhelm them with information that they might not want to know and is very gentle with them. My son liked it, it was very interesting for him. And he really appreciated it

He was also kind enough to let me listen to what Eylin had evaluated for him and probably that was even more helpful for me than for him. Because I was able to perceive a few characteristics of him quite differently. I noticed that I had seen them rather critically before. And afterwards I could recognize these characteristics also rather as a strength of his. Suddenly, I see it in a completely different way. I am very glad and grateful for it.