Astrology as a Source
of Inspiration

For every consultation …

… regardless of the question, the birth or radix chart (radix = root) is the basis. For this I need the date of birth, the place of birth and an exact time of birth.

Radix horoscope: Sensitive and detailed evaluation of your personal birth chart. The focus of the consultation will be determined either by your questions or from the horoscope itself. The analysis of the resources available to you are the focus of the consultation. This also includes the evaluation of the time phases and the currently running transits.

Horoscope analysis for couples:: Insights into the background that each brings to the relationship. Exploring characteristics that support and restrain the partner. Illuminate differences in perception, thinking and needs of both people. Analysis of the respective time phases and current transits.

Horoscopes for young people: Experience shows that for young people a consultation concerning special topics is most useful. For example, to become clearer where the professional inclinations really lie, and to get support in being able to better distinguish temporary interests and hobbies from the professional life path.

Children‘s horoscopes: temperament and needs of the child - what does it need to feel safe - main aspects of personality - relationship with parents - strengths, weaknesses and mental resources - talents that should be encouraged - conflicts, insecurities, fears - the start in life - the dasha periods (developmental phases) from the beginning to puberty - perspectives of development

Written Horoscopes: I would be very happy to provide you with a written horoscope interpretation. This can be a wonderful gift (birth of a child, 18th birthday etc.).

The consultations can take place in a personal conversation, via telephone, Skype or Zoom and can be recorded if desired. Of course, I maintain discretion on all topics discussed.